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The primary goal of shinypak is to provide easy access all the application examples in moviesApp.1

shinypak also has helper functions for checking the files and folders in a Shiny app-package.


You can install the development version of shinypak from GitHub after installing remotes:


Git/GitHub configuration

shinypak uses the gert package for Git/GitHub management (and assumes authentication was done automatically using the credentials package).2

Available app-packages

The applications in shinypak are from the chapters of the Shiny App-Packages book. A full list of the available apps and topics are available in topic_lookup:

  head(topic_lookup, 10)
branch part chapter
01_whole-app-game Intro Whole app game
02.1_shiny-app Intro Shiny
02.2_movies-app Intro Shiny
02.3_proj-app Intro Shiny
03.1_description Intro Packages
03.2_rproj Intro Packages
03.3_create-package Intro Packages
04_devtools Intro Development
05_roxygen2 App-packages Documentation
06.1_pkg-exports App-packages Dependencies
  tail(topic_lookup, 10)
branch part chapter
44 26.1.1_step_01 Special Topics App Data
45 26.1.2_step_02 Special Topics App Data
46 26.1.3_step_03 Special Topics App Data
47 26.1.4_step_04 Special Topics App Data
48 26.2.0_user-data Special Topics App Data
49 26.2.1_step_01 Special Topics App Data
50 26.2.2_step_02 Special Topics App Data
51 27_stack-traces Special Topics Stack traces
52 28_dependency-hell Special Topics Dependency hell
53 A.E_mocks-snapshots Appendix Appendix E — Mocks and snapshots

Launching apps and app-packages

Launch an application from any section in the book using:

launch(app = "02.3_proj-app")