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Welcome to my GitHub page!

My Repos

Code and data for Storybench Tutorials - these are tutorials I’ve written for Storybench.org

Code and data for Tidyverse/RStudio demonstration for Quesgen

Code and data for Cleaning Many .csv Files in R or the blog post

Code and data for Reproducible Research In Plos Tutorials

Under construction

Curse of dimensionality - paper on curse of dimensionality

Identifying Red Flags - Using Anthropometry Measures to Screen for Elevated Blood Pressure Risk in Children - this is an R project for my paper from my Master’s @ CSUC

Who dopes the most? - project with USADA data.

Lowering Blood Pressure Among Hypertensives with Screen-Detected Kidney Disease - this was the protocol for a CKD screening trial at the SFVAMC. Paper on methods here